Providing singing telegrams and smiles throughout Hartford County, CT

You’ve never sent a singing telegram before? It’s fun and easy! The way it works is that you select a character from our gallery to deliver the singing telegram. Then you’ll to send me information about the gift recipient which we’ll incorporate into the personalized song the character will sing. This is usually things like what they do for a living, hobbies, inside jokes, or any other family-friendly bit of information you’d like included. They also get a balloon bouquet and a card with the lyrics of their special song to have as a keepsake. If you can’t be present for the singing telegram we’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know how it went. If you are within our service area cost is between $150 and $200, depending on the character selected, as some characters require a significant amount of time and effort to bring to life.

As a courtesy to customers outside of our service area, we have listed recommended vendors in the tabs above for your convenience.